Invest in Park

Do you own a hotel, guesthouse, or unused land?

Consider opening a sports park with us!

Parki Wola is an innovative network of family sports parks. To start a profitable venture, all you need is 40 ares of land, ideally located near the city center.

Our first park opened a week before Children’s Day and immediately enjoyed enormous interest.

“On our first day of operation, 1.6 thousand people visited our park. Our main promotional tool was social media,” says Mariusz Skrzypczyk, representative of Parki Wola.

What makes our parks stand out?

Parki Wola are located in strategic city areas, making spontaneous short trips easy for families. Our parks offer 10 diverse attractions, including a climbing wall, trampoline park, tubing slides, and a rope park. It’s a place where children can play and enjoy attractions while parents relax in comfortable conditions.

How to start?

A minimum of 40 ares and an investment of 600,000 PLN net is all you need to open your park. We will take care of delivering and installing all the equipment and assist with the necessary formalities.

“This does not require obtaining a building permit, making the process quick and efficient,” explains Skrzypczyk.

Additional earning opportunities

In addition to ticket sales revenue, park owners can earn from organizing various events and renting space for mobile gastronomy.

Why is it worth it?

Parki Wola is not just a seasonal attraction. We plan to create ice rinks in winter, ensuring continuous revenue. This is an ideal proposal for cities of all sizes, as well as a perfect complement to the offerings of existing hotel facilities or resorts.

Want to learn more?

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