2 hours of fun 39 PLN
3 hours of fun 49 PLN

*Minimum number of children – 20
Guardians enter for free.
All attractions are included in the ticket price.
Possibility to reorganize a field game or a bonfire.


Kasztanowa Park
Phone: +48 606 808 111
E-mail: kontakt@parkwola.pl

Sodowa Park
Phone: +48 660 744 040
E-mail: sodowa@parkwola.pl


Our sports offer combines the best of both worlds – dynamic activities in a spacious indoor hall and outdoor attractions that ensure a balance between physical activity and relaxation for children and youth. We offer sports activities for school and kindergarten groups.

Sports activities we offer are perfect for young people who want to develop their motor skills, improve their fitness, and discover the joy of physical activity. We can tailor the program to meet the individual needs of participants, offering a variety of disciplines and team games.

We invite you to take advantage of our offer, which can be a fantastic complement to the educational program at school or a great way to spend free time actively! We believe that diverse activities and the professional approach of our instructors will make every child discover the joy of movement and sport!

We offer:

  • Access to sports facilities: tennis courts and a football field, with modern sports equipment (balls, rackets, nets) at your disposal,
  • Lessons with qualified tennis coaches, including both individual lessons and group sessions.

OUR MISSION IS: Proper physical development of children ­čÖé

Regular physical activity is a key factor that positively affects all metabolic processes and overall health. In young age, physical activity is essential for proper physical, mental, and social development. Therefore, it is worth considering the introduction of sports activities for children at your facility.

Park Wola 2 is an excellent place to organize such activities, divided into two zones: indoor and outdoor.

  • a heated balloon available exclusively in the winter season, where general development, tennis, and football activities are organized,
  • various outdoor attractions such as eurobungee, tire descents, quad biking, and many more.

Our main goal is to promote an active lifestyle among children and inspire them to develop a passion for sports. Our mission is to prepare children to participate in physical activities and support their psychomotor development through play and exercise.

We would like to offer you sessions that combine fun with education through sports. We provide general development activities with elements of football or tennis, conducted by qualified and experienced trainers.


Important Information:

  • The document for the group guardian’s declaration is available at this link.