Beach volleyball

Are you looking for a place in Krakow where you can play beach volleyball or beach tennis? Wola Sodowa Park is the answer! Here you will find the only professional arena in the city for these sports, available all year round, thanks to a covered and heated hall.

At Wola Sodowa Park, we focus on comfort and adapting to your needs. You can book the beach volleyball court at a convenient time for you, guaranteeing yourself and your friends exceptional moments full of sporting excitement.

Our location in Krakow makes it exceptionally easy to reach our park, whether by your own car or public transport. We ensure that everyone interested has easy access to our sports attractions.

Our beach volleyball court features professionally prepared sandy ground, which not only mimics natural beach conditions but also ensures safety and comfort during the game. It’s the perfect place for competition, building relationships, and spending time actively.

Although beach volleyball is often associated with summer relaxation by the sea, at Wola Sodowa Park you can experience these emotions all year round, right in the heart of Krakow. Especially in summer, it is worth taking advantage of our offer – warm sand, sunshine, and good fun with friends will make you feel the holiday atmosphere without leaving the city.

We invite you to Wola Sodowa Park – a place where sport and recreation meet to provide you with unforgettable experiences and sporting excitement! Don’t wait, book the court today and enjoy your best moments with beach volleyball and beach tennis in Krakow!

At Wola Sodowa Park, we prioritize accessibility and comfort for our customers, which is why we are the only place in Krakow offering the opportunity to play beach volleyball and beach tennis even during the winter season.

Since 2022, our professional beach volleyball court has been equipped with a heated and illuminated balloon, allowing sports matches to continue regardless of weather conditions. This is great news for all enthusiasts of these sports who don’t want to give up their favorite activities during the colder months.

Located right in the heart of Krakow, our facility is easy to reach, and the unique infrastructure and comfortable playing conditions attract both amateurs and professionals. We strive to ensure that every moment spent on our court is full of excitement and sporting competition, even when it’s freezing and snowing outside.

We invite all lovers of beach volleyball and beach tennis to take advantage of our exceptional offer. Discover the magic of these sports during the winter season, enjoying the excellent atmosphere and professional playing conditions that Wola Sodowa Park in Krakow provides! Let your passion for sports know no seasonal boundaries!

At Wola Sodowa Park, we take care of the comfort and convenience of our guests at every step. With our visitors in mind, we have prepared a range of amenities to ensure that every visit to our facility is a pure pleasure.

We offer modernly equipped changing rooms where each of our guests can securely store their belongings in individual lockers. Hygiene and comfort are our priorities, so our facility also includes clean and functional restrooms and bathrooms with showers, where you can refresh yourself after an intense workout or match.

We understand the importance of regeneration and a moment of relaxation after physical exertion. That’s why we have prepared a designated gastronomic area for our guests. This is a place where you can relax and regain your strength, enjoying both hot and cold beverages. We also offer a wide selection of delicious snacks to satisfy every athlete’s hunger.

At Wola Sodowa Park, everyone can find something for themselves – from professional sports fields, comfortable conditions for changing and refreshing, to a place where you can relax and enjoy tasty food. We invite you to take advantage of our offer and experience unforgettable moments full of sporting excitement and relaxation at one of the most modern sports facilities in Krakow!

We honor partner cards*:

  • MultiSport / FitProfit,
  • Medicover Sport.

*We offer a discount of 15 PLN off the listed price (usable once per day).

We would like to inform you that from December 1, 2023, we are changing the reservation system for tennis courts and the beach volleyball court from Twój tenis to Tenis4U.

We encourage you to use: https://app.tenis4u.pl/#/court/218

All previous reservations made on Twój tenis have been transferred to Tenis4U.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone: 660 744 040